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Treasuring your heritage

What do you have hidden away?

Badges, buttons, or buckles; documents, photographs or uniforms; if you have any items pertaining to Queensland’s colonial forces, we would like to record them for posterity.

The colonial forces that defended Queensland are now long gone. There are a few surviving buildings and structures, some guns in parks,  and occasionally uniforms and accoutrements in museums. Diaries, letters and other personal mementos are usually in the hands of descendants.

Part of the aim of our group is to document and photographically record any item of Queensland military heritage that comes to light. We use  museum quality recording systems to preserve knowledge of these artefacts.

We can also help identify what they are and to whom they might have belonged.

The CFSG(Q) is not a collecting organisation, though we can direct you to appropriate museums if you wish to dispose of items. Images we take of items in your possession may, with your permission, be displayed in our publications or on our website, or simply held within our library of resources.  Full confidentiality or acknowledgement can be given as required.

If you hold a precious piece of Queensland's military heritage, please let us know.

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