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Organisation of the Colonial Forces

(Land and Marine)

An overview of the structure of the Forces over the 40 year period from 1860 to 1901.

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Batteries, Companies, Regiments and Corps (Land)

How the organisation developed from a purely volunteer force to a predominately militia force supported by a permanent cadre and a volunteer branch

Forces Afloat

Examining the development of the Queensland Marine Defence Force

1878 I Coy, Maryborough.jpg

Cities and Towns

Over four decades more than forty towns and cities across Queensland provided personnel for the colonial forces. There was a higher concentration of personnel from the populated south-east corner of the colony, however many towns along the eastern coast and at inland centres supported their citizens who gave up their time for military training. Rifle clubs, which were established under the Defence Act of 1884, were sometimes formed in towns that did not have a regular defence force unit.

Training the Forces

An overview of the systems of military  instruction used in colonial Queensland

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Organisation of the Colonial Forces: Tour Packages
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