Rifle Volunteers: how to organise and drill them

A seminal work

Hans Busk's instructional manuals were incredibly popular in the 1860s, and were readily available through booksellers and stationers in Queensland.


Instructional manuals

These are just a few of the instructional manuals that were used in Queensland during the late 19th century. They provide a detailed view of training methods and procedures of the era.

Instructions for fitting Valise Equipment

Issued with G.O., November 1874

This British manual explains the fitting of the Valise Equipment first issued in British Service in 1870. It was worn from 1885 in Queensland by the Artillery, Engineers, and some Infantry volunteers.

Handbook for 9-pr RML guns

Land Service, 1889

A handbook for both the 6-cwt and the 8-cwt 9-pounder iron field gun.
These guns were used by Field Artillery in Queensland from the late 1870s.

Drum and Flute Duty, 1887

From the Sergeant Drummer's Manual

The Sergeant Drummer's Manual by Henry Potter &  Co was adopted formally and used extensively across the Empire.

Whitehead Torpedo Manual


The Whitehead torpedo was used by the Royal Navy and the naval forces of the Australian colonies. This particular manual was copied from one used by the Victorian Naval Forces.


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