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Clothing the Military

An overview, with examples of the uniforms and accoutrements worn in Queensland in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

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1891 Barcaldine  SLQ 2016.jpg

Clothing the military

The provision of uniform clothing and accoutrements for Queensland's forces was not always a Government responsibility. Volunteer units in the 1860s and 70s had to design and pay for their own uniforms. This led to stylistically diverse yet colourful companies parading across the colony. In later years the colonial government provided uniforms and accoutrements, many of them purchased directly from the Royal Army Clothing Department in Pimlico, England. From the 1890s the gradual adoption of khaki uniforms of a simpler construction enabled local manufacturers to become competitive.
The following articles are just a small sample of the research being undertaken on this subject.

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Clothing the military


Unraveling the Queensland Scottish kilt

Clothing the Military: Past Events
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Queensland Marine Defence Force

Officers Uniforms

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Oliver's water bottle

Does the story hold water?

Clothing the Military: Past Events
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